Our Story

Hi, I'm Natalie Lesnikowski, CNTP and CONP candidate! A Kansas girl at heart, I now live in Denver with my partner, Nick, and our fur-baby, Bonnie. Together, we launched Remission Kitchen, a cancer-diet blog bringing easy recipes, nutrition advice, and support to those kicking cancer's ass. 

For a long time, I never thought much about the connection between health, cancer, and diet. I was young and fit, living out my early 20s as an invincible, fun-loving college kid. Days before my 23rd birthday, my dad was diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma, an aggressive and terminal cancer that causes brain tumors. Through our journey as a family, the one thing completely absent from any conversation of treatment was nutrition. In fact, I specifically remember feeling weird that there was soda tucked in every hospital refrigerator. The years following his death, I gravitated toward questions of how do we prevent and how do we treat cancer. The more I learned and the more I shared, it became clear that nutrition is the number 1 ingredient in the recipe for good health. I decided to follow my passion, go back to school, and create a career to help others navigate through their own journey to good health. 

 I came up with the idea of Remission Kitchen to share the power of nutrition and make finding tasty, healthy recipes easier. I want to simplify the cancer diet and show you that you can still eat your favorites, just with a few ingredient changes. 


Food has the power to heal us. It is the most potent tool we have to help prevent and treat many of our chronic diseases.
— Dr. Mark Hyman